We need regulations, where are our policymakers?

Dark Patterns is a scheme practiced almost by every company in the world, even companies like LinkedIn are very deep into it. Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, like buying or signing up for something.

Couple of months ago I wanted to watch a video that a friend sent me but required a premium account, I was told that getting the trial version will do the work, anyway to make the story short I got trapped into the stupid scheme…

There are multiple options, what's better? what should we follow?

I love this topic, but I have to admit that is really hard to come into a common ground when there are so many parties involved, and if you ask me why is hard, I will blame unawareness as the main reason. That’s why I want to keep creating content to share my perspective which could be right or wrong, but I know that by “just sharing ”, I will trigger more ideas that ultimately will contribute to the best solution. That is my whole purpose.

Energy supply & Energy…

'Man, have you done your maths? do you believe Bitcoin market will be equal to the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in USA.? it is so easy to put number behinds without real meaning. I will never bet any money in that call! 21 trillions dollar for a cryptocurrency when there are more to come... With all the respect, i don't see logic on your arguments.


What’s better mining (solids) or extracting gas or liquids from the ground?

Technology vector created by macrovector & cornecoba — www.freepik.com

Wonder if I am the only one worry about our alternative solutions to decarbonize the transportation industry, specifically when referring to electric cars, which are coming with good potential but not without colossal challenges. EV doesn’t equal to net-zero because they have a enormous footprint associated with manufacture, there is a great environmental damage caused by mining minerals necessary for the creation of lithium batteries; blowing up a mountain isn’t green, blowing dozen of mountains neither!

Here is a quick summary of what minerals are needed for EV…

let’s be realistic, today’s alternative solution are not far better than gasoline car…

25 plus years of United Nation Climate Change Conferences has sadly not given sustainable ways forward to reduce CO2 Emission to save humans from potentially far reaching turmoil. Too many conflicting interests still prohibit a practical, affordable and overall acceptable way forward and dejectedly the talks have now shifted from an attitude of climate change Mitigation to climate change Adaptation, achievable only for the wealthy population. COP initiative has however created a worldwide awareness of the problem humans faces, and we notice with excitement the increasing desire…

Impressive article, a lot to take and digest.. Well done., i fully agreed with everything that is written here

Las empresas de marketing multinivel (MLM) traen consigo mucha controversia, debido a su similitud con esquemas piramidales, existen nombres muy famosos que todos hemos escuchado al menos en par de ocasiones en nuestra vida, como Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef pero más atrás, viene otro grupo gigantesco que están devorando de manera criminal el dinero de muchísima gente, en cualquier tipo de sector que va desde salud y belleza, hasta servicios financieros y trading (Forex, bitcoin, oro). Es tan grande, que se estima un mercado de 40 mil millones de dólares solo en USA.

La mayoría de las…

Rafael Navarro Luna

Geoscientist and Data Analyst with more than 12 years experience in the oil industry / Product Owner of Digital Apps for Exploration / Social Media influencer

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